So, June is finally here. I can't believe it! We're getting so close, it's crazy. And of all the months of pregnancy, I'm sure this one will fly by the fastest! There are so many events going on this month that I get intimidated just looking at my calendar of the next few weeks. And then there's the simple concept that Baby will arrive when he or she feels like it. I can't schedule THAT event! My perfectionistic side is tweaking out at that thought.

Now that we're in June and it's month nine of the pregnancy, I am starting to feel especially big and slow. In the last couple of days I feel a little bit like an elephant walking around. My ankles are swelling up like crazy and it takes me twice as long to get up or sit down. Does this mean that Baby is starting to drop? I can't know for sure, but all I can tell is that things have felt a little different this week. I'll ask my doctor if he can tell if I'm lightening yet when I see him on Thursday. If I indeed am, we're getting reeeeeeally close, people!!

Last Sunday we had a Baby Shower with the Fenske family and it was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who was able to come! The food was delicious, the games were funny and the gifts were wonderfully generous. I know it just made me more excited to meet Baby! Now that we have a car seat, stroller and assembled crib in Baby's room, I'm starting to really want to put the missing piece in there too. Baby is going to be such an amazing blessing for Nick and I and I can't wait to get started in the intense learning process that is being a parent!

To all of you who are walking with us through this process, thank you. Nick and I feel extremely grateful to our family and friends who are supporting us, loving us and encouraging us as we approach one of the craziest changes in our lives. We are absolutely STOKED to become parents but we wouldn't feel nearly as prepared without you by our sides!

Alright, I have a Junior High play to costume. More later!

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