Still Waiting

So I guess Baby won't be coming early. At least, that's what I figure since the due date is on Monday and I haven't experienced any contractions or pre-labor signs yet. I know I was getting my hopes up without any basis of reason since most first babies arrive past their due dates but a girl can dream, right?

This weekend I'm cleaning the whole house and finishing up any last-minute projects because the truth is, Baby WILL arrive within the next week and a half. Nick and I got a great online book on using Acupressure to induce labor naturally and we're planning on starting that process on Sunday. Apparently, 70% of women go into spontaneous labor within 2-3 days of using Acupressure to tap into their body's instincts. That could put me in the hospital by next Tuesday or Wednesday!! Wow. How crazy is that?!?

Now that we're getting so close, I'm starting to feel anxious about all the things I don't know. I've only held a newborn once and I've never babysat a child under 2. I haven't put on a cloth diaper before (though I'm sure I'll figure that one out pretty quickly) and I have no experience bathing babies. I'm anxious that I won't get the hang of breastfeeding for a while and I'm nervous that with the sudden lack of sleep, I'll totally lose my mind and do something really stupid. Being a mom is a ridiculous amount of responsibility all at once and it's really daunting to be on the expectant side of things.

Thankfully, Nick is an incredible husband and it gives me great relief knowing I will be experiencing all this with him by my side. He is so ridiculously excited to be a dad! He keeps reminding me that he wants to be involved and he doesn't want me trying to take care of everything. He's a little bummed that he can't feed Baby for the first couple of months (most likely) because of how I won't be able to pump for a while because of the amount of feedings. He is SO supportive, loving, encouraging and understanding. I couldn't ask for a better partner when it comes to parenting! I know that I would be infinitely more frazzled, nervous and afraid to be a mom if he was not there beside me.

Again, to all who have walked with us through this process, thank you. I fully expect this to be our last blog post before Baby is born. No matter what happens, we will come out of this as parents but the last few months of crazy life changes and adjustments have been manageable with your love and support!! Without you guys, I would have gone totally nuts!

Okay folks, next time I write, we'll have some definite announcements to make! Prayers for a safe labor and peaceful first week would be much appreciated!


The Waiting Game

We're finally here. Baby is 38 weeks, the room is pretty much ready, almost all of the family activities have passed and life is settling. It's time for Baby to arrive.

But when?????????

It is the beginning of a long few weeks. Or few days! We're at the point where Baby could burst at any moment or we could still be waiting for another four weeks (pleeeeeease Lord no). I'm trying to keep myself focused on other things, but it's pretty hard when every random stranger reminds me of the basketball strapped to my tummy with their little smiles and comments. It's also hard to ignore that I'm about to pop because every time I take a step, I can feel Baby's head nestled low in my abdomen (weirdest feeling ever!!!) which causes pressure on my pelvis. I'm at the point where I don't really want to think about the impending explosion anymore. I'll address that when it happens.

For now, I'm going to soak up the sun, read, nap, eat like crazy and spend time with friends. These are the last few days of my "free" life so I need to spend them well! It's just hard to continually think of things to do. Nick will tell you that I've been running around like crazy lately and I'm in the most intense nesting stage yet, but once you run around for three days doing all sorts of projects, you run out of things to accomplish! Sigh. The last few weeks of pregnancy are definitely the hardest ones, in my opinion. At least with Kid #1.


Yep, It's Official!

I just wanted to put up a quickie post to let y'all know that I am indeed officially lightening! Baby has started his/her descend downward and is getting ready to be born! My doctor said this doesn't specifically mean anything - as far as how close I am to labor - but when I looked up some information online it seems that the average first-time mom starts lightening at an average of two weeks prior to birth.


Now I don't want to get over-excited, but this definitely gets my heart beating faster. We are SO close to bringing this baby into the world! Even if Baby does come on the expected due date, that's less than four weeks away. No matter which way you slice it, it's crunch time. Woohoo!!!

Which means now is probably a good time to buy crib sheets, diaper covers and grooming supplies. Eek! Babies R Us, here I come!



So, June is finally here. I can't believe it! We're getting so close, it's crazy. And of all the months of pregnancy, I'm sure this one will fly by the fastest! There are so many events going on this month that I get intimidated just looking at my calendar of the next few weeks. And then there's the simple concept that Baby will arrive when he or she feels like it. I can't schedule THAT event! My perfectionistic side is tweaking out at that thought.

Now that we're in June and it's month nine of the pregnancy, I am starting to feel especially big and slow. In the last couple of days I feel a little bit like an elephant walking around. My ankles are swelling up like crazy and it takes me twice as long to get up or sit down. Does this mean that Baby is starting to drop? I can't know for sure, but all I can tell is that things have felt a little different this week. I'll ask my doctor if he can tell if I'm lightening yet when I see him on Thursday. If I indeed am, we're getting reeeeeeally close, people!!

Last Sunday we had a Baby Shower with the Fenske family and it was a lot of fun! Thank you to everyone who was able to come! The food was delicious, the games were funny and the gifts were wonderfully generous. I know it just made me more excited to meet Baby! Now that we have a car seat, stroller and assembled crib in Baby's room, I'm starting to really want to put the missing piece in there too. Baby is going to be such an amazing blessing for Nick and I and I can't wait to get started in the intense learning process that is being a parent!

To all of you who are walking with us through this process, thank you. Nick and I feel extremely grateful to our family and friends who are supporting us, loving us and encouraging us as we approach one of the craziest changes in our lives. We are absolutely STOKED to become parents but we wouldn't feel nearly as prepared without you by our sides!

Alright, I have a Junior High play to costume. More later!