The Waiting Game

We're finally here. Baby is 38 weeks, the room is pretty much ready, almost all of the family activities have passed and life is settling. It's time for Baby to arrive.

But when?????????

It is the beginning of a long few weeks. Or few days! We're at the point where Baby could burst at any moment or we could still be waiting for another four weeks (pleeeeeease Lord no). I'm trying to keep myself focused on other things, but it's pretty hard when every random stranger reminds me of the basketball strapped to my tummy with their little smiles and comments. It's also hard to ignore that I'm about to pop because every time I take a step, I can feel Baby's head nestled low in my abdomen (weirdest feeling ever!!!) which causes pressure on my pelvis. I'm at the point where I don't really want to think about the impending explosion anymore. I'll address that when it happens.

For now, I'm going to soak up the sun, read, nap, eat like crazy and spend time with friends. These are the last few days of my "free" life so I need to spend them well! It's just hard to continually think of things to do. Nick will tell you that I've been running around like crazy lately and I'm in the most intense nesting stage yet, but once you run around for three days doing all sorts of projects, you run out of things to accomplish! Sigh. The last few weeks of pregnancy are definitely the hardest ones, in my opinion. At least with Kid #1.

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