Christmastime is Here... Before Thanksgiving!

Apparently the weathermen have been saying that this winter is going to be a La Niña year. I love La Niña years. Two years ago was also one of these years and because it snowed a foot, everyone ended up stuck at home for a week. This also meant Nick was stuck at my mom's house with me for at least three days. Win!

This year I am so excited for the cold, it's crazy. It's my first Christmas as the CEO of my own home and we're going to do Christmas the way I want to! Granted, I'll be pulling from a lot of my family's traditions since my mom is the Christmas queen but I'm really excited to take it on as my own adventure this time. I would decorate my house today, but I'm holding off until after Thanksgiving because I really don't do Christmas until the previous holiday is over and taken care of.

But today it's snowing. This changes everything!!!

I caved and turned on Vince Guaraldi this morning and Owen is presently cooing and squawking along to the music. I couldn't be a happier Mama. I am sorely tempted to get the Christmas box out of the storage shed outside but I really don't want to go totally crazy. So I'll just listen to all of my wintery music and stare out the window all day as the white flakes stack up on the ground. If I had things my way, It'd snow for two days straight. Thankfully, it looks like it's going to do exactly that!

Days like today make me realize that if Christmas was considered the fifth season of the year, it would be my very favorite. I'm always tied between summer and winter, but Christmas always wins. If it snowed like this every year in the Seattle area, winter would be my favorite, hands down. I just can't wait until Owen is old enough to love the snow and I get to play outside with him until our faces are pink and chapped and we're ready for a nap and some hot chocolate. Snowy weather will always be my favorite, but children always make it that much better.

Now Owen just needs a Santa hat.


Baby Giggles

We officially have the cutest baby in the world. Last night before putting him to bed, Auntie Mel got him all hyper and excited and he would not stop giggling! I was lucky enough to get a video of him laughing... so adorable!!!