The job is amazing!

I'm not very good at keeping up with this blogging thing - but I wanted to post something about my new job. IT IS AMAZING!

I love my job. I actually look forward to going everyday. I work at a life insurance brokerage called Efinancial.

Yes... this is what I did in California. It certainly wasn't my dream job, but it works. Things in CA didn't end so great as the company I was working for was having some problems. However, while I was there I was able to gain some valuable experience and it has sure paid off.

I haven't been selling insurance yet, as I have been waiting for my license to transfer from CA to WA. However, that is almost done and I should start selling in about a week. So for the first month I have been doing something that most people find miserable. I think it is actually fun. Why?

I get a bonus every single day! I have only worked a month so far at this new job and I have already earned about $750 in bonuses. Every day of work there is some sort of contest. Currently I am simply calling people that inquired about insurance and then transferring the calls to an agent. If I get a certain amount of transfers in a day, I get cash. Pretty simple. A number of people struggle at this, but I have actually sold insurance in the past so it has been a piece of cake for me.

Apparently what I am doing right now is as bad as it gets at my company. This is the job that nobody wants and it only gets better from here. Way better!

I'm excited to start selling because they make it so easy. I don't need to find any leads, as they have a ridiculous abundance of them. There are about 65 agents selling there right now - and they are looking to double in size in the next year or so.

I am used to doing everything the hard way. I would do handwritten applications, set up medical exams, follow up with the clients, talk to them after they are approved, deliver the policies, etc. At this company, all I do is sell. I have a few assistants that do the rest. Also, everything is done electronically.

Anyway, I don't need to bore everyone with all the details... but I really enjoy it. I have the potential here to make quite a bit of money and start paying down those student loans. I'm very excited about that.

I would say that I have to make a lot of money for all of those diapers I'll be buying... but Rachel's dad and Lori are pretty amazing and they got us 6 months of diaper service. :)

Things are going quite well right now - and apparently it is only going to get better at work. It definitely will get better in about a month when my precious child enters this world.

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