Aaaaaand... I have health coverage! Yay!!!

After spending four hours in the DSHS office last Friday, we were a go. Operation Health Insurance had been completed - I will be completely covered by the state in an awesome program supported by a myriad of really great doctors in my area. Birthing classes will be covered, I get to see a nutritionist, any complicated birth issues will be medically taken care of and covered and my baby gets state-sponsored checkups! And to top it all off, I even have dental coverage through August. What a plan!

I really am thankful for Washington state and their liberal health plans. Even though a lot of people take advantage of the system, it IS there for people who really need it too... and that's what matters. It's interesting to me how no private insurance company will cover someone in my position (even if we are willing to actually pay for coverage) but the state does without even blinking an eye. Hmm.

I'm really excited about giving birth in Washington now. I will be able to be picky about my doctor and choose someone who i really want, I have my choice of hospitals and I feel in control of the situation. That is a very good thing - especially for someone like me who really loves feeling in control. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that our baby will enter this world with doctors and nurses around to take care of us in the best of their ability. Praise God!

Yet again, God proves to us that He's taking care of us. Nick and I were worried about insurance and the fact that I'm pregnant and may have to use state coverage and had no idea what that meant but all our fears have been put to rest. Things are going to work out juuuuuuuust fine.

Now, we just need to find Nick a job.


  1. What's even better is that once Nick does find a job (which should provide insurance coverage after the first 3-6 months, if not right away) you and the baby will then be taken care of under that, too. That way, depending on timing, you may not be without insurance coverage at all!

  2. Definitely. That is the plan! We're making benefits a priority when it comes to looking for full-time work for him.