Just A Recommendation

I picked this book up from the library yesterday. I placed it on hold because of a recommendation through a friend-of-a-friend who is a doula and also because I am interested in learning more about the history behind the natural birthing process. As many of you know, my goal is to have a completely natural birth. This book definitely goes to a bit of an extreme (no, I am not about to have a home birth, thankyouverymuch) but it makes some very interesting points. If you're interested in "going natural", I would definitely recommend reading this book.

There are photographs in the book with semi-brainwashing captions that make me laugh, such as a photo of a crying newborn being held by doctors with a caption that reads, "The first moments of birth can be terrifying for a baby who is not immediately placed on its mother" but despite the fact, it makes some really great points and I'm learning a lot. I mean, even though I fully believe that going all natural, if possible, is the best solution, I do not believe that doctors and hospitals are evil.

But whatever. Point is, I'm finding this book fascinating and am looking forward to creating a birthing plan that works for myself and Nick. I'll be updating soon with some more specific thoughts on the topic.

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