Getting Used to Stretch Pants

Nick and I walked into a maternity store for the first time today. We just so happened to be at the mall waiting for my car's oil change to be completed when we saw Motherhood Maternity, shrugged our shoulders, and walked in. I have never even been in one of these stores before so it was all new to me. Most of the clothes aren't really that different than most of today's styles (which makes me glad to be pregnant at this day and age of the fashion industry) except for the one clothing item that will forever need to be drastically different to fit a pregnant woman versus a non-pregnant one: jeans. So I tried a pair on, just for kicks.

I think they feel really weird...at least at first. I'm not going to be buying a pair anytime soon because, thank goodness, most of my jeans still fit (especially those ones that require a belt anyway) but it was good for me to get familiar with what's coming down the pike. There's this cool other pants accessory that I tried called a belly band (I think??) that is basically a round, seamless section of stretchy material that you can put over your regular jeans - unzipped for comfort - to keep your pants up but give you support. It's an interesting idea, and much cheaper than purchasing several pairs of maternity jeans. Once I know I really need some assistance in the pantalones region, I'll go back and purchase one. But for now, I think I'll stick with leggings, skirts, sweats and the occasional loose pair of jeans.

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