So Today...

...I spent half an hour creating an Excel spreadsheet to plan Owen's weaning process. Am I crazy? Perhaps. But this really does help give me peace about the process. I'm trying not to have expectations about this, but I do think Owen is going to have no problem weaning. For us, scheduled feedings really helped him not be dependent on nursing for comfort so from my experience with him so far, I think he's going to enjoy the independence of drinking from a bottle or sippy cup for every feeding.

The fun begins on June 1st, when we will start by turning lunch into a bottle feeding!

To all you moms out there that are far more experienced than I; did you use a schedule to wean your child(ren)? If not, how did you go about the weaning process?


  1. I love this!!! I think this will be great! I didn't really use a schedule. He is on a feeding schedule. I don't pump, though. I didn't start weaning till I could introduce cow's milk. I definitely would suggest really pushing the sippy cup for his water too. I am at 2 feedings a day now, and I probably won't drop another for a few weeks.

  2. I let them wean themselves. I didn't want to stop them if they still needed it. To me, nursing was way more than just feeding them. It was creating a life long bond and fulfilling their needs for love, comfort and physical touch. I was actually kind of sad when they did.. but I did also enjoy the freedom, especially at bed time :) Christian weaned himself at 11 months (probably because I was pregnant with Bella) and Bella weaned herself at 12 1/2 months. I completely left it up to them and have no regrets. Hope all goes well!