Owen is Crawling!

Yesterday was the big day! Owen has finally figured out how to simultaneously move his knees, arms and feet so he can move forward. It's taken a lot of work but he has finally figured it out! I'm so happy for my little man. It's amazing to see how everything is clicking now with him. While figuring out how to crawl, he's also getting much better at pulling himself up, moving from tummy to sitting and overall being able to maneuver in whatever way he wishes. Yesterday was the first day that I found him sitting up in his crib and this morning, he took his nap on his stomach for the first time. Our little baby is turning into a little toddler! It's so fun to watch, but also so sad... every day he only gets older!

Here's a video I took of him crawling this morning. He's crying because right before I started recording he bonked his head on the ground. Although as you can see in the video, he's much more concerned about getting to the XBox remote.

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